Jakub Hader

I belive the data flow keeps the artwork alvie.
My work is based on mixed reality experiences and generative art. Throughout my career, I was involved in many art projects based on various data sources. Most pieces were large-scale projection mappings, theater visuals, live VJ sets, and digital installations.
My passion for code and collaboration in the new media art scene brought me to AR and metaverse which is my focus for the long-term future.

My artistic roots are firmly planted in Rzeszów, where I continue to contribute to the local art scene, drawing inspiration from this beautiful city in southeastern Poland to craft art that bridges cultures and unites communities.

Crafting Dynamic Narratives Through Technology
As part of my ongoing side project, I find immense joy in inspiring the next generation of artists by sharing my work and engaging in discussions about everything that captivates my interest on various social media platforms. It’s incredibly rewarding to have cultivated a vibrant community of over 22k followers on TikTok, where creativity knows no bounds. @precyzjaorg

Always looking for more Unique Talents

Large part of my works are collab projects with musicians, fine art painters, data scientists etc. New media projects are allways very complex and i belive  that collaboration between artits is essential to get the best final result. If you have an idea for a piece and you like my work esthetics, don’t be a stranger!