Project description Piece is utilising 3D video mapping/data sonification as a composition tool. It is made to raise awareness of ozone’s impact on human health and vegetation. O3 was presented throughout the festival, visited by 6 million visitors. Presented at Circle of Light, Moscow, Russia, 10-14th October 2014. Supported by
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Project description One of our first interactive pieces presented at WRO Media Art Biennale 2015.  Participants were changing the painting textures and shapes by pointing  at different spots of the projection. Sounds and music were Space F!ght’s sonic representation of the painting itself. The software was choosing them algorithmically analysing
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Project description Large scale video mapping in Rzeszów. This work draws attention to the complex data that surrounds us on a daily basis. In 2050, the inhabitants of Rzeszów will have to cope with the analysis and use of a huge amount of data, which is why we propose an
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Project description Interactive video mapping 3D druing the opening of BWA Krosno ( city art center ) involving exhibition guests noise as medium between the building and video mapping structure. Digital layer of this art installation was connecting the people inside with the outside audience. Audio feed was used to
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Project description Sonicules is a immersive audio-visual live performance and interactive installation, which engages audiences with the process and challenges involved in the design of new anticancer drugs. It centres on project team’s research in investigating the potential use of spatial sound to speed up the drug design process. The
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