My first media artwork based around blokchain data was created in late 2015 and made to finals of UPC Digital Art comptetition.

I thought about this artwork as constantly evolving and changing generative piece that you can watch on your wall to get the feel for what’s going on on the blockchain. The market is violent and so was the piece.

In this artwork live Bitcoin trasnaction value data was visualised directly form blockchain via websocket.
Transaction value was represented by the shape of the object and music complexity level in real time.

Concept / Programming: Jakub Hader
Sound desing: Radek Rudnicki

As a rule, all my future media art projects will be minted as NFT’s images/clips and gifted to my clients as a token of appreciation and digital confirmation of rights ownership.


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Large part of my works are collab projects with musicians, fine art painters, data scientists etc. New media projects are allways very complex and i belive  that collaboration between artits is essential to get the best final result. If you have an idea for a piece and you like my work esthetics, don’t be a stranger!